Choreographers of Color Show Off Their "Winning Works"

March 18, 2015
Englewood Portal
Rashanah Baldwin


Saturday March 7th will be a night to remember as I fell in love with “The Ballet” after seeing “Winning Works: Choreographers of Color” at The Museum of Contemporary Art. It was edgy, riveting, electrifying, full of life and the dancers rocked every inch of the stage and gave me goose bumps.


For you ballet novice such as myself cast out your ideas of seeing up tight dancers in tights and tutus strutting their stuff to stiff and boring elevator music! This group of dancers, who are from the Joffrey Ballet Academy’s Trainee and Studio Company programs, come from various states in the U.S. and also 9 foreign countries were all are very talented! They had the average new comer such as myself think twice about calling this “Ballet” uptight and stiff.


“The Winning Works 2015” featured four world works; three of the new works came from this year’s award winner’s choreographers, Jennifer Archibald, Abdul Latif and Stephanie Martinez! The fourth piece was by Joffrey Academy Artistic Director Alexei Kremnev; his work hit close to home for a Chicagoan like myself who love spending time on Lake Michigan. This piece was just as intense and awesome sauce! I felt every soft leap and lift as the dancers moved with ease in gorgeous stylish colorful leotards designed by B. Michael.


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