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Joffrey Brings Back Stonger, Starker Romeo & Juliet Fit For Today's Climate

Laura Molzahn at the Chicago Tribune gives Krzysztof Pastor's Romeo & Juliet 4 stars! Click the link above to read the full review. 

Dance Renders Words Unnecessary In Joffrey's Romeo & Juliet

Hedy Weiss of the Chicago Sun-Times says Krzysztof Pastor's Romeo & Juliet is "elpquent, rapturous, emotionally searing." Read the full review here

Joffrey's Romeo & Juliet is a Modern Masterpiece

Perform.Ink declares Krzysztof Pasor's Romeo & Juliet a "modern masterpiece" and takes note of a "continued renaissance" under Ashley Wheater's artistic leadership. Click here to read the full article. 

Hancher Auditorium celebrates its history with the Joffrey Ballet

KCRG highlights our longtime partnership with the Hancher Auditorium, where we will preview the new Nutcracker. Click here to read the full article.